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Angling with Mushimp

Blanský Forest – Netolicko region is an area where satisfaction is guaranteed for angling enthusiasts and lovers of fish food alike. In cooperation with the Czech Fishing Union we have prepared the following selection:


In the Blanský Forest – Netolicko region angling is possible on a number of ponds or creeks. The best of all, however, would undoubtedly be the Vltava River.

Trout fishing areas:
Vltava 24 and Vltava 25
Due to the changeable character of the river after Zlatá Koruna, there are trout-fishing areas in the section between the weir in Zlatá Koruna and the weir in Rožnov in České Budějovice. Fly-angling allows you to catch some of the largest trout you have ever dreamt of. Since this area is a true paradise for the largest fish, the permitted length was increased to 45 cm here.

The lower part of the Mlýnský canal is also a trout-fishing area. Angling is forbidden between April 16th and June 15th.

Non-trout-fishing areas:
The other sections of the Vltava river– that is from Zlatá Koruna to Český Krumlov and from the weir in Rožnov in České Budějovice further downstream – are declared non-trout-fishing areas.

Bezdrev creek
The Bezdrev creek, also known as the Netolice creek, will surely be a place of interest to anglers staying in the Netolice region. Again, the creek is divided into several areas, depending on their character.

Trout-fishing area Bezdrev creek 33 begins at the confluence of the Bezdrev creek and the Třebanice creek. Upstream, angling is permitted on both creeks, on the Bezdrev creek the trout-fishing area ends under the bridge where the road connecting Lhenice and Horní Chrášťany (České Budějovice) is located. On the Třebanice creek, trout-fishing area extends to the Třebanice reservoir (which itself is not included in the area).

Further downstream from the confluence of the Bezdrev and Třebanice creeks the non-trout-fishing area Bezdrev creek 2 continues. This area extends through Netolice and further down to the new weir above Soudná tůně near the village of Sedlec. From this point on, the non-trout-fishing area Bezdrev creek 1 begins.

Brloh creek
There is an interesting trout-fishing creek, passing from Ktiše through Brloh and ending in the river Vltava near Dívčí Kámen. Sometimes it is also called the Křemže creek. The reservoir of Dívčí Kámen is also a part of this trout fishing area, and angling with a float and with bait laid at the river bottom is also permitted. Angling is forbidden in the section between the confluence with the river Vltava and the dam of the Dívčí Kámen reservoir. This fishing area is named Brložský potok 1

Ponds for angling
If you prefer relaxed sitting by a pond, here is a selection of the most interesting places. (Angling ponds always belong to a certain fishing area):

Dolní pond has a total area of 1,19 ha and is located in Litvínovice near České Budějovice (part of the Litvínovice creek fishing area)

Štilec pond has an area of 11,60 ha and lies near Kamenný Újezd. The pond is easily accessible by car, and is a part of the Litvínovice creek fishing area.

Angling on both ponds requires a special local fishing permit.

Mnich pond (11 ha) and Molerovský pond (1,3 ha) can be found close to Netolice. Both belong to the Bezdrevký potok 2 fishing area. Only special local fishing permits are valid for the Molerovský pond.

Ktišská reservoir (6,2 ha)and Holubovský pond (1,0 ha) are supplied by water from the Brložský (Křemežský) creek. Both ponds thus belong to the non-trout-fishing area Brložský potok 2.

The selection is continues with Podevrážský pond near the village of Čakov and further away in the north there is also the Jaderný pond close to Zliv. Both are administered by the Rybářství Hluboká. More information: here

How to angle legally?
First step: Buy a fishing licence

Visit the city hall in either of the following towns: Prachatice, České Budějovice, Český Krumlov.

Second step: Buy a fishing permit
With the valid fishing licence, there is no problem buying the permit (according to the type of the fishing area) at specialized shops with angling equipment.

Fishing permits can be obtained in the following offices or shops:

České Budějovice:

  • JčÚV ČRS, Zahrádky 237, 373 82 Boršov nad Vltavou, +420387250454
  • MO ČRS č. 1, Trocnovská 490, 370 04 České Budějovice, +420387425967
  • MO ČRS č. 2, Lidická 191, 370 07 České Budějovice, +420386466330
  • Rybářská prodejna, Hradební 30, 370 01 České Budějovice, +420387318817
  • Ráj rybářů, M. Vydrové 22, 370 06 České Budějovice, +420386356269,

Český Krumlov:

  • MO ČRS, Na Ostrově 86, 381 01 Český Krumlov, +420380712532
  • Infocentrum , náměstí Svornosti 2, Český Krumlov +420380711183
  • Rybářská prodejna Pod svatým Duchem 271, 381 01 +420380728219
  • Netolice: Dirn Bohumír, Václavská 86
  • Husinec: MO ČRS, Husinec 384 21, +420388384146

Match angling
Organized by the township of Křemže in September on the Holubovský pond.
More information

Fishing out the ponds

Podroužek – the pond is fished out every year at the end of September or beginning of October.

Accompanying programme with South Bohemian music, tasting special fish dishes and the possibility to buy your own carp fish. Organized by the Školní rybářství Protivín.

Similar events on the ponds Dehtář, Bezdrev, and other ponds in the Netolice and Dubný area might also be of interest......

Fish cuisine

Where to taste special dishes made of fish?

Hotel and restaurant NaTočně
Family restaurant with 15 years of tradition is located in Planá u Českých Budějovic. There is an abundant selection of dishes and we suggest you try trout and salmon fillets or the chef’s special dish called “Fish variations.”

Town hall Restaurant
The restaurant is located in the lower part of the square, right in the building of the local town hall in Křemže. Aside from weekend culinary events prepared by our chef, you can sample grilled trout in yoghurt sauce or salmon in corn flakes.