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Cycling with Mushimp

We have prepared several "tips for trips" to show you that in the Blanský Forest – Netolicko region there really is something for everyone. Ńo matter if you are an active athlete or an occasional cyclist, just step on the pedals – and you will not regret it!

Linking the towns under the Kleť Mountain

A trip from České Budějovice to Český Krumlov should by undertaken by anyone who wishes to see unique cultural and historical monuments. Doing this on a bike is a good idea, since there are many interesting sights along the route.

Route description:
You will follow the biking trail n. 12 (part of the Greenways biking trail) during the whole trip. Starting from České Budějovice, you will gradually pass through the villages of Boršov nad Vltavou, Rančice, Opalice, Radostice, Záluží, Štěkře, Zlatá Koruna and Srnín, from which you will eventually ride down to Český Krumlov. For return, you can use the cyclo-buses which stop here.

Lenght: 27 Km

Interesting places along the way:

  • Opalice – rustic homesteads dating from the 16th century, remains of a withered hollow trunk of a thousand-year-old oak, a path lined with plum trees (interesting in autumn only :-)
  • Štěkře – a late Renaissance stronghold and a Baroque granary from the 18th century

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Places to eat:

  • Zlatá Koruna: campsite, pubs
  • Opalice: pub
  • Srnín: pub


  • Asphalt roads alternate with gravel and sandy paths, and therefore a trekking bike is more suitable for this trip. There will be more and more hills as you approach Český Krumlov, so please keep that in mind!
  • Steep descent from Štěkře down to the campsite in Zlatá Koruna!
  • Dangerously inviting offer of good beer in Zlatá Koruna – hills in both directions!

2. Around Netolice

The second trip starts in the town of Netolice, or from the chateaux in Kratochvíle which is located about 1,5 km from the town.

Route description:
After the tour of the chateaux set out on the cycling path number 1099, which soon diverges from the main road. The first stop is the village of Žitná. About 800 m behind the village leave the cycling trail and take the path leading to Třebanice. From Třebanice take the asphalt road and arrive to the township of Lhenice. After you have spent enough time marveling at the beauty of this garden of South Bohemia, continue on the cycling path n. 1090 through Horní Chráštany to Dobčice – a village under the Vysoká Běta Mountain. Take some time to enjoy the quaint village square (said to be even prettier than the one in Holašovice), and then continue through Strýčice and Radošovice to Němčice. From Němčice it is only a few kilometers to the end, and at this point you can make the trip even more interesting and pass through Mahouš and Olšovice – two villages with picturesque village squares. The appropriate cycling paths for that are n. 1089 and 1081.

Length: 35 Km

Interesting places along the way:

  • Town of Netolice (but you have explored that already)
  • Kratochvíle – Renaissance chateaux
  • Rožmberk park – the entire first part of the trip leads you through the so-called Rožmberk park, associated with the names of Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Vilém of Rožmberk; the park forms a unique landscape complex even in our days. You leave the park just before entering Lhenice.
  • Rustic baroque architecture – especially the village squares in Dobčice, Mahouš and Olšovice.
  • Natures reserve Vysoká Běta (short way before Dobčice in the forest).

Places to eat

  • Restaurant “Rychta” and Restaurant “V Podloubí” (Netolice), pubs (Lhenice, Strýčice, Němčice)


  • With the exception of a short part between Žitná and Třebanice there are asphalt paths on the whole route, suitable for trekking bikes and road bikes.
  • Those with greater stamina can continue from Dobčice through Lipanovice to Holašovice. After visiting Holašovice take the road through Čakov to Dehtáře. In Radošovice you will get back on the route described in this suggested itinerary.


  • Bike shops and bike repairs
  • Sport Král Josef – (Netolice town square)
  • Penzion Cirkl (Netolice)

Mushimp’s tip:
If this suggested route is not to your liking, we suggest visiting the summer vacation family event called Kolem kolem Netolic (On Bike Around Netolice) This event is organized every year by the town of Netolice. The route varies, detailed information available on In the surroundings of Netolice, there is also a marked instructional loop trail called Historical landscape of the Netolice.

3. Around Křemže

This route starts and ends in the town of Křemže, an ideal starting point for cycling trips. Here is the one we have planned for you.

Route description:
Set out of the township of Křemže, heading in the direction of/towards Rojšín on the cycling trail number 1135. During the ride against the stream of Křemže creek you can admire great views on both edges of the Křemže dell, in Rojšín there is a quaint village square with a chapel and a small pond awaiting you. Pass through the village and then turn on the cycling trail n. 1196 and continue in the direction of Nová Ves. After Nová ves, the trail will lead you out of the Křemže dell to a cycling path crossroads, where you take the trail n. 1085 and ride to Holašovice. Having seen the picturesque village, continue via Jankov and Čakovec to the village of Kvítkovice, where you turn on the cycling trail n. 1092 to Lipí. Then head in the direction of Závraty, but instead of riding all the way to the village, leave the cycling trail n.1124 earlier and take n. 1082, which will lead you to Hradce. From Hradce the cycling trail will take you on the main road from České Budějovice to Křemže. You can return directly to Křemže on this road, or take a more pleasant (and a just a little bit longer) route on the cycling trail n. 1127. In that case, take this trail in Vrábče – zastávka. Just before entering the village of Holubov, turn right and ride uphill back to Křemže. This longer route is definitely worth it!

The route partly leads through a forest – we recommend a trekking bike or a mountain bike. A detailed cycling map is available on several information panels along the way (Křemže, Nová ves...), though a good pocket-size cycling map also comes handy.

Length: 32 Km

Interesting places along the way:

  • Křemže – Gothic church of St Michael
  • Rustic baroque – houses built in the rustic baroque style, which is typical for all of South Bohemia – a true jewel in this sense is the village of Holašovice, we also recommend the villages of Rojšín, Čakovec, Kvítkovice and Habří.
  • Outstanding views – Rojšín, Nová ves

Places to eat:

  • Holašovice – Šprýchar u Vojty
  • Kvítkovice – pub
  • Křemže - Radniční restaurace
  • The restaurant is located in the lower part of the market square, right in the building of the town hall in Křemže. Special culinary events every weekend!
    Special culinary events every weekend!