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Paddling with Mushimp

The lower part of the river Vltava – that’s beautiful meanders, rapids, ruins of ancient castles and collapsed weirs, where you might get a wave or two splash into your boat. Why leave out the lower part of the Vltava from your travel plans?

The journey begins under the road bridge in Rájov, where the left riverbank also marks the border of the Protected Landscape Area Blanský Forest. The first tricky place, where the less experienced paddlers are better to be left to walk on the bank, is the weir in Zlatá Koruna. In the stopper under the weir you are up to some water flooding your boat and making your T-shirt wet. Luckily, there is a campsite right afterwards behind a wooden bridge. While in Zlatá Koruna, do not miss the tour of the Cistercian monastery.

Here comes the romantic and the most beautiful part of the river – meanders and splendid natural surroundings. First we pass the Rohan’s rock (river kilometer 264), and then you can already see the silhouette of the Dívčí Kámen ruin towering high above the river as an abandoned guard of the ancient times. Who is going to spot him first? There is a campsite just under the rock where you can easily land and walk to explore the ruin. Dívčí Kámen is open year-round; just do not forget some small change to bribe that bandit who guards the entry gate.

On the river kilometer 252 you will see a high rock from your boat, where the castle called Maškovec used to stand. There is not much left of it today, though the view from the rock down on the Vltava is truly outstanding.

And what’s awaiting us next? Rapids and lots of fun in the waves of the collapsed weir U Rybů, portaging the boats across the weir “U Zátků“ on foot on the left bank and then the campsite in Boršov, where you can end the whole journey. For those who decide to continue there are two more weirs – in Planá and in Rožnov, where you can land easily and transport the boats from there. Please be careful on both weirs, during high water levels navigating the boat into the sluice gate might get difficult.

As for difficulty, this section is relatively calm (level WW1), and you will be carried by the Vltava river at a speed of about 4 – 5 km/h. From Zlatá Koruna to České Budějovice it is a one-day trip (unless you spend too much time in refreshment kiosks :-)

Accommodation – campsites for paddlers

River km 271,9 – Paddlers’ campsite Hacienda

Opened:every year from May 1st to September 30th
Other facilities: THERE IS NO ENTRY BY CAR TO THE CAMPSITE! Please, respect this restriction. Your reward is will be a good night’s sleep in peaceful and cozy natural surroundings.
Activities: camp fire, drinking water, toilets, showers, kiosk, table tennis, wheelchair access How to get there: 2,5 km before Zlatá Koruna on the left bank of the Vltava.
Address (description): Rájov 26, tel: 607 640 320

River km 268,6 - Campsite "U Kučerů"

Opened: 1.5. - 30.9.
Cen adults 50Kč, children 40 Kč, tent 20Kč, car 60Kč
Další možnosti: Má rozlohu téměř 2ha, kapacitu přibližně 250 stanů a cca 50 parkovacích míst. Navíc nabízíme ubytování v penzionu
Aktivity: autokemp, pitná voda, teplá voda, WC, sprcha, elekt. přípojka, restaurace, parkoviště
Adresa (popis): na pravém břehu řeky Vltavy v obci Zlatá Koruna, tel: 777 140 146 268,4 - Kemp Zlatá Koruna

Provozní doba: 1.5. - 30.9.
Price: dospělí 50Kč, děti 40 Kč, stan 20Kč, auto 60Kč
Other facilities: shop, accommodation in lodges
Activities: campfire, drinking water, fresh water, toilets, showers, electricity, kiosk, restaurant, parking places, wheelchair access
Address (description): close to the road bridge in Zlatá Koruna, tel: 777 729 444

River km 258,8 - Campground Dívčí Kámen

Opened: : May 1st to September 30th
Price: adults 25Kč, students, tent 20Kč, car 25Kč
Activities: warm meals, drinking water, toilets, kiosk
Address (description): under the Dívčí Kámen castle on the left bank, tel: 380 741 700, 601 276 375

River km 255,3 - Campground Pozděraz

Opened: June 15th to August 31st
Price 30Kč / person
Other facilities: entry with car after a prior approval activities: camping fire, drinking eater, toilets, kiosk
Address (decription): a small campground close to the village of Pozděraz on the right bank: 724 227 219

River km 249,6 - Camground Poslední štace

Opened:May 15th to August 30th.
Price: adults 25Kč, tent 20Kč, car 30Kč
Other facilities: hostel, warm meals
Activities: camping fire, drinking water, hot water, toilets, showers, electricity, kiosk
Address (description): campground in Boršov on a slope on the left bank, 400m behind the weir, tel: 602 272 659, 606 837 959

Travel agents providing the transporation of boats

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