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DehtářMelhutkaView from the Kleť mountain, Source:,  Cheva

Skiing with Mushimp

Where to go for skiing? Enjoy winter fun with Mushimp!

Do you enjoy going on trips or taking walks in beautiful natural surroundings? The Blanský Forest – Netolicko region offers many interesting places that you can visit on foot. Next to historical monuments (the Kratochvíle chateaux near Netolice, the monastery in Zlatá Koruna, or Archeopark in Netolice) there are many other natural sights worth visiting. Here come ideas for some trips we have prepared for you:

Downhill skiing

The slopes in this region are located especially around the mountain Kleť. Their gentle profiles make them particularly suitable for less experienced skiers (families with children) and they are easily accessible from České Budějovice and Český Krumlov alike.

1, Skiclub Chmelná

Is situated close to a small village called Chmelná pod Kletí. The distance from České Budějovice is 25 km and about 20 km from Český Krumlov. There is a free parking lot, and fast food facilities located near the ski lift.

Information about current snow conditions

2, Ski club Rohy

Is situated in the saddle of the main mountain range of the Blanský Forest in a pleasant environment of the protected landscape area between the villages of Brloh and Chvalšiny. The altitude of the ski slope is between 700 and 800 m a.s.l. The slope’s length is 500 m and the ski lift can transport 600 persons per hour, so you really do not need to fear long lines.

For information about current ski conditions, please visit the ski club’s

3, Ski centre Podklazí – Křemežské meadows

Is situated near the village of Krásetín next to the chair-lift. The slope is also about 500 m long and there is no risk of long wait in the line.

Contact: Jan Mejzlík tel. 723 020 105

4, Ski slope on the Kleť Mountain

Is the most interesting and the steepest of our ski slopes, and is intended rather for more experienced skiers. The level of difficulty is also due to the fact that nowadays the slope is not being maintained. Hopefully there will be an improvement coming soon (and a proper ski lift, which is still missing).

You can reach the peak of Kleť by a chair-lift, which operates in hourly intervals on weekends and without a fixed timetable on weekdays during the winter season.

Current information about the chair-lift operating hours:

Cross-country ski trails

Maintained cross-country ski trails in the Blanský Forest – Netolicko region are located mainly around the Kleť Mountain (1.084 m a.s.l.). Skiers will find more than 50 km of marked and maintained cross-country ski trails at their disposal. At every starting point there is an information panel showing the trail on a map, and current snow conditions and temperature. The best starting points where you can also easily park your car are the following:

  • Krásetín – the lower terminal of the chair-lift to the Kleť Mountain
  • Vyšný by Českého Krumlova – Podhájí
  • Town Chvalšiny
  • Village Brloh – Rohy – Nová Hospoda

Mushimp’s tip: near Šumava...
Looking for other skiing possibilities? Bored with local trails and gentle slopes? Get on the ski bus to take you to the Šumava Mountains. Their bus stops are in Netolice or Český Krumlov. (current timetables on: